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How Biobanks can facilitate scientific research?

Biobanks are key resources for unravelling the molecular basis of disease subtypes, identification of new therapeutic targets and biomarkers; all of which lead to personalized healthcare and more effective treatment strategies via translational medical research. Samples for clinical studies and diagnostic purposes have been collected throughout the history of medicine, but in the biobank concept, defined by the Biobank Act (688/2012), the collected samples can be used for a variety of future research needs, not just for a defined specific research purpose as previously.

Therefore, the sample collections in biobanks enable a broader use of the material and researcher do not need to set up laborous sample collections themselves if the material is already available in biobanks. Furthermore, the new research results are obliged to be returned to the biobank that further enriches its data set. Via the network of Finnish biobanks large enough sample sets even for the studies for rare diseases can be obtained.

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