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The Orla INR Remote Monitoring

Valid to: 01.2025

Information about the product

The Orla INR Remote Monitoring supports warfarin treatment with the help of self-measurement or self-care. The product consists of a mobile application intended for patients and a web-based service intended for professionals. The patient measures the INR value by using the Roche Diagnostics CoaguChek® INRange measurement device, which is connected to the Orla INR Remote Monitoring mobile application with a Bluetooth connection. The patient mobile application includes an electronic warfarin card and it seeks to remind the patient of the measurements to be made as well as to notify of any adjustments in the warfarin dosage made by the health care professionals. The patient’s measurement data are available for the health care professionals with an access through the cloud service.

According to the company’s declaration, this product is not a medical device, so it should not be used in any intended uses of the medical devices.

Additional information

  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • English
  • CE-marked (INR-mittalaite)

Conclusion 19.1.2022

The product meets the assessment criteria

The Orla INR Remote Monitoring is suitable for self-measurement or self-care of patients provided with warfarin treatment. Special attention must be paid to patient selection and patient counselling.

Conclusion is based on manufacturer data.

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