Patient instructions

As a Patient in the Hospital

We encourage patients in the hospital to express their concerns and wishes regarding treatment and to boldly ask the staff about matters that are unclear.

General Hospital Practices

As a university hospital providing specialised medical care serving the whole of Northern Finland, we serve a large number of patients and we are responsible for taking care of many acute and life-threatening situations in the region. One of our fundamental practices is that patients in need of urgent care are treated first, which may cause changes in schedules. Therefore, always reserve a sufficient amount of time when arriving at the hospital.

Verification of identity

We want to ensure safe and good treatment for all of our patients. For this reason, every person who treats and examines you is obliged to verify your identity. So do not be confused by the fact that your identity is verified several times.

Students involved in the treatment

Oulu University Hospital is a teaching hospital. To ensure that we will also have skilled health care professionals in the future, medical and nursing students will monitor and participate in treatment and examination situations. If you wish, you can ask that a student would not be present. Read more about the patient’s rights here.

Non-smoking hospital

Both the Oulu University Hospital and the Oulaskangas Hospital are non-smoking. We do not sell tobacco products and smoking is permitted only in places designated for it outdoors. Patients have the possibility to receive nicotine replacement therapy while in hospital.

The bringing in and consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances is prohibited.

Fragrances and scents

Please avoid the use of scented products when arriving at the hospital and during hospital treatment. Some of our patients and staff may develop severe symptoms from fragrances.

Patient Meals

In our hospitals patients mainly eat in their wards. The nursing staff will forward food preferences and special diets to the catering staff. Patients in good condition may also go and eat at the Kotka or Lokki restaurants.