The Emergency Clinic

Oulaskangas Joint Emergency Clinic

The Oulaskangas Joint Emergency Clinic in Oulainen treats illnesses and injuries in cases where the treatment cannot wait until the next working day. Before going to the emergency clinic, call the Medical Helpline 116 117. In an emergency, call the general emergency number 112.

The entrance to the Oulaskangas Joint Emergency Clinic:

– between 8:00 and 22:00 through door B1

– between 22:00 and 8:00 through door B2

Before going to the emergency clinic, you should ALWAYS contact the Medical Helpline either by calling the toll-free number 116 117 or by contacting the chat service. Go to the Medical Helpline chat service. In order to use the service you need online banking codes or a mobile certificate. The Medical Helpline conducts an initial assessment of the need for care over the phone and provides instructions if necessary. In an emergency, always call 112.

If you have received a referral from primary health care or occupational health services, you can come to the emergency clinic without calling the Medical Helpline. When going to the emergency clinic, take with you: Kela card or driver’s license, an up-to-date list of medicines, asthma sprays and insulin, as well as child health clinic card for children under school age.

All arrivals to the emergency department will be assessed for need and urgency of care upon arrival. After the assessment of the need for care, the treatment will continue either 1) at the emergency clinic or 2) during office hours through the health services in your own area. Alternatively, if no treatment is needed, the necessary advice and guidance will be provided during the emergency department visit.

Patients are treated according to urgency, not in the order of arrival. You may have to wait for your own treatment.

The Oulaskangas Joint Emergency Clinic is responsible for primary health care emergency services outside official working hours (i.e. on weekdays from 16:00 to 08:00 and on weekends) and for specialised health care emergency services 24/7. Primary health care emergency services have been arranged for the residents of the following municipalities outside of official working hours: Alavieska, Haapavesi, Haapajärvi, Kalajoki, Kärsämäki, Merijärvi, Nivala, Oulainen, Pyhäjoki, Pyhäjärvi, Pyhänta, Raahe, Sievi, Siikajoki and Ylivieska.


Contact information for Oulaskangas Joint Emergency Clinic

Visiting address:
Oulaskangas Hospital
Oulaistenkatu 5
86300 Oulainen

Medical Helpline: 116 117
Inquiries: 08 315 7801