Patient instructions

Living with an illness

Preliminary information and adaptation training

Oulu University Hospital organizes adaptation classes and preliminary information days for children, young people, adults, the aged and families.

Patient associations

There is a great need for information if you or a close person becomes ill. Patient associations provide, among other things, peer support, counselling services, education and recreation. At OYS, the employees and volunteers of the associations will meet with you in a non-urgent manner and support you in adapting to the disease. Voluntary and association activities at the Oulu University Hospital are coordinated by OLKAOulu.

The patient association service desk is located in the lobby of the Oulu University Hospital (entrance: G door).

The OLKA service desks in Finnish hospitals have:

  • information on support forms patient associations offer
  • patient organisation theme days
  • non-urgent discussion opportunities
  • peer support