Patient instructions

Freedom of Choice

The patient has the right to choose not only their preferred health centre but also their specialised health care location from among all Finnish public hospitals. You can come here to us at OYS from anywhere in Finland to receive treatment. This freedom of choice of specialised medical care concerns non-urgent research and treatment provided in a public health hospital.

When a physician determines that a patient needs further examinations or treatment in specialised medical care, they will make a decision together with the patient on the location of treatment to which the referral will be addressed. Simultaneously, the physician will ensure that the hospital has the specialisation and expertise necessary for the treatment.

The patient’s home municipality has no impact on the order of treatment. Patients are treated in the order of arrival of referrals and based on their need for treatment. When a patient chooses a unit other than the nearest specialised health care unit, Kela reimburses the travel expenses due to illness according to the nearest treatment facility.

For more information about the patient’s freedom of choice, you can contact staff at both health centres and hospitals. Information about the freedom of choice in primary health care is available on municipal websites and at health centres.