Guides and maps

Welcome to Oulu University Hospital

The university hospital serves in four operational units in Oulu and Oulainen.


Oulu University Hospital (OYS)

Kajaanintie 50, 90220 Oulu

Telephone switchboard: 08 315 2011

NB! Due to the construction of the new hospital, traffic arrangements in the Oulu University Hospital area may vary.


Oulaskangas Hospital (OAS)

Oulaistenkatu 5, 86300 Oulainen

Telephone switchboard: 08 315 7500


Developmental Disability Services (OYS Konsti)

Peltolantie 5, 90230 Oulu

Telephone switchboard: 08 315 2011

OYS Psychiatry is located in Peltola.

Telephone: 08 315 6707
Patient inquiries via telephone switchboards


The 3D Map Helps You Arrive at the Hospital

With the help of the 3D guide map, you can find e.g. OYS parking spaces, buildings, entrances and information desks as well as restaurants operating in the buildings. Please note that the map is in Finnish.

The map also shows bus stops. Buses and timetables for any particular stop can be opened by clicking on the stop symbol.

View the map


The OYS indoor map helps you find a service point

The locations of OYS service points, units, clinics, etc. can be found on the indoor map. The map contains a search function that allows you to easily find the location of your service unit: Please note that the map is in Finnish. You can check the name of the unit serving you in your appointment letter. 

  • Enter the name of the service point in the search field. The search menu suggests service points when you begin to type the name of the unit you want in the field. Select your service point from the drop-down menu.
  • You can change floors by using the floor buttons on the right side of the screen (service points are usually located on floors R, 1 and 2). R is the ground floor.

For some of the service points, the map shows you the shortest walking route to the destination. To view the route to the desired location, press the button “set location”. This way a pin will come up that you can place at your starting point of choice, for example, at a certain entrance, by moving the map around. Check again that the pin is on the desired floor. By pressing the “Show route” button you can make the route visible on the map. The system also tells the distance and the time it takes.

  • The OYS entrance points are located on different floors throughout the building. The entrances towards Kajaanintie A1, K, NK, N, SN, S, LA, LB, LC, LD, LE, LF, TA, TB and TC are located on the 1st floor. The entrances towards Kiviharjuntie G, H and M are located on the R-floor, i.e. the Rinne floor, which is below the 1st floor.
  • If the search bar on the side of the page feels too large, press the Ctrl and minus buttons at the same time, which will make the screen content and also the search bar smaller.
  • By default, the view is two-dimensional, but it can be made three-dimensional by touching the map and rotating it. On your computer, you can do this by pressing the Ctrl button all the way down before clicking on the map with your mouse.

view the OYS digital map


Printable maps

In addition to the digital map, maps of the university hospital are available in printable form. Please note that the maps are in Finnish. If you do not have access to a printer, you can use your smartphone to take a picture of the map displayed on the computer screen. This way you have the map conveniently with in your phone.

OYS Printable Maps

OYS Psychiatry, map of the Peltola area

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) area

OYS entrances and building sections

OYS car parking for customers

The locations of the OYS service points in the hospital

Location of the Patient Home


Information desks at your service

When you arrive at the hospital, you can get more information on how to find clinics, and instructions on how to easily navigate in the hospital from the entrance help desks.

N entrance information desk, 1st floor:

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:00-16:00

Telephone: 08 315 3106

Oulu public transport Waltti ticket machine, travel card charging point

 You can pay your client fees with a bank card or credit card at this information desk. You must have the paper invoice with you when paying the invoice.

Association Service Point

Organizational and voluntary activities coordinated by OLKAOulu supports those who have suffered from disease, as well as their loved ones. The Association service point provides you with information about patient associations and the forms of support they provide.

The Association service point can be found at the G entrance.

Patient Home

Affordable accommodation is first and foremost available for patients coming for examinations or receiving treatment, and is to be booked in advance.

Telephone number of the Patient Home: 08 315 3220

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8-15:30 and Fri 8-14