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StellarQ-platform (user interface for professionals)

Valid to: 01.2027

Information about the product

StellarQ is a software as Service (SaaS) platform that is offered to Finnish wellbeing services counties and designed to serve the monitoring of the treatment of long-term illnesses and the management of rehabilitation. The service offers healthcare professionals a web-based user interface for monitoring the treatment of long-term illnesses and is integrated into the electronic patient record (EPR) and other core processes. The data relevant to the progress and prognosis of the illness have been visualised over time. The system supports a health care professional in making the correct diagnosis, indicates a possible change in the disease type (MS), and enables both monitoring the progress of the disease and assessing the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation. Professionals use the service on a web-based StellarQ platform. 

The system also includes a self-reporting service for patients (StellarQ My) that is web-based or mobile application. The patient’s self-reporting service is not included in this assessment

Additional information

  • Finnish
  • English
  • CE-marked
  • Medical Device, level I MDD
Manufacturing/Distribution in Finland

Conclusion 8.1.2024

The product meets the assessment criteria

StellarQ platform is suitable for monitoring the treatment of a chronically ill patient. The neuroregister can improve monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. 

Conclusion is based on manufacturer data.

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