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Onnikka® lifestyle intervention application for weight management

Valid to: 02.2027

Information about the product

Onnikka® is a lifestyle intervention application designed for weight management and provided using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The Onnikka® application can be used to support traditional weight management in the context of both group therapy and individual guidance, as well as a standalone tool.  

The application is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and the Persuasive Systems Design (PSD) model. The service offers a separate user interface for professionals and for end users. The software may be used either as a Progressive Web App (PWA)  or through a web browser. 

The manufacturer has classified the product as a non-medical device, and therefore it should not be used for purposes designated for medical devices. 

Additional information

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Manufacturing/Distribution in Finland
Onnikka Health

Conclusion 16.2.2024

The product meets the assessment criteria mainly

The Onnikka® lifestyle intervention application is an appropriate method for weight management.

Conclusion is based on manufacturer data.

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