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eConsultation – A Digital Service Centre

Valid to: 01.2027

Information about the product

eConsultation is a digital healthcare service solution that provides remote care, enterprise resource planning, and reporting solutions. The aim of the service is to reduce the burden on health care and to make operations more efficient through the provision of remote care services.  

The eConsultation Digital Service Centre offers customers and professionals a website as well as mobile apps compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

The manufacturer has classified the product as a non-medical device, and therefore it should not be used for purposes designated for medical devices.

Additional information

  • Finnish
  • English
  • Swedish
Quality control
  • ISO 13485

Conclusion 31.1.2024

The product meets the assessment criteria mainly

The eConsultation Digital Service Centre is suitable for assessing the need for care as well as carrying out remote appointments and treatment. More evidence of effectiveness is still needed.

Conclusion is based on manufacturer data.

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