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DentView – a digital self-care guidance tool for oral health

Valid to: 05.2027

Information about the product

DentView is a digital self-care guidance tool for oral health. The product package consists of a virtual kiosk with a smart mirror function and a related dispenser for self-care kits, as well as the MyDentView home application. The DentViewPro reporting portal is an ERP system for professionals. 

The manufacturer has classified the product as a non-medical device and therefore it should not be used for the intended purposes of medical devices. 

Additional information

  • Swedish
  • English
  • Finnish
  • Other: Northern Sami, Arabic, Somali, Russian, Danish
  • CE-marked
Manufacturing/Distribution in Finland
DentView Oy

Conclusion 3.5.2024

The product meets the assessment criteria partially

DentView – a digital oral health self-care guidance tool can help improve the oral health of dental care customers with the help of self-care instructions provided by the product. The product may also reduce the time professionals must spend on customer self-care guidance. Further evidence on the effectiveness of the product is needed. 

Conclusion is based on manufacturer data.

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